With over 10 years in the market managing Patent portfolios for Fortune 500 Companies in Mexico, R&R Asociados, commits to get you the best protection for your IP affairs in Mexico the right way at the right cost.

 We understand that each case requires special attention. That is why, our service spectrum includes from the patent search, prior to the filing, up to rush filing cases to be filed even, the same day of the reception of your filing instructions.

 Our wide and experienced team and associate’s network allows us as well, to provide each service you may need through the process (translations, responses to oppositions, assignments, etc) as well as professional advice in each step of the process without hidden costs or tricky fees.

 Please feel free to request a filing estimate, we will be glad to assist you with your IP affairs in Mexico.


 R&R asociados, your lynchpin in Mexico, Central and South America.

With our associate’s network in Central and South America, you supress unnecessary risks of trusting important Company’s assets to unknown patent Agents.

For a unique and attractive fee, R&R Asociados can handle your patent filings from Mexico to Patagonia through a trustworthy and experienced professional network.

The outcom of reling your IP portolio in our hands is:

  1. Confidence, of knowing that your patent is in experienced and professional hands.
  2. Having a single communication channel during the whole filing process.
  3. Receiving estimates, filing requirements, required documentation and a single report of several countries, the same day and all together.
  4. Reduced cost due to Spanish translations.

You can take advantage of our language, geographical position, time difference and avoid misscomunications.

At the end of the process you are receiving a single report, saving considerable costs, e.g. translations costs per Country by using a single translation developed by R&R Asociados, which can be perfectly used in each jurisdiction and offering a single communication channel for a unique and attractive fee.

It is important to remark that every patent attorney from each Country you may have choosen, will issue its own invoice and will have direct communication with you through the prosecution process.