Because we understand the value of your trademark, R&R Asociados provides services concerning disponibility searches (prior to the trademark filing) as well as the preparation and filing of distinctive signs and symbols like trademarks, slogans and trade names.

Before filing any application, R&R Asociados runs a search for either a nominative or design trademarks in order to state the possibilities of registration that your distinctive sign has. This way, we reduce the possibilities of receiving an Office action issued by the Mexican Office, which will represents less time and expenses invested in the issuance of your trademark registration.

Our goal is to protect, defend and maintain your trademarks, both in Mexico and abroad trhough our associates network around the world.


We manage the inscription of assignments of rights and licensing contracts for trademark registraions or trademarks in process to achieve registration.


Unlike other areas of law, Intellectual Property is unique, since it must actively protect rights from its conception. For this reason, once the registration of your distinctive sign is obtained, our practice forsees the protection and maintenance of your trademark through its constant monitoring, in order to prevent misuse by third parties and initiate the corresponding legal action, and by taking care of the renewal process at the appropiate time.


R&R Asociados’ advise will help you determine if it could be necessary to Copyright or whether is preferably to keep your idea as a trade secret in order to earn competitive advantages.

Let us work along with you and achieve registration of all branches works protected by Copyright that can be secured with a comprehensive protection.


R&R Asociados has the experience and knowledge of the appropiate strategies and practices to keep your trademarks protected. We perform the continous defense of your trademarks by filing responses to Office actions (e.g. anticipations, legal impediments etc.), administrative nullity actions, caducity actions and infractions against trademarks that might represent an impediment or and invasion of your Intelectual Property rights.

R&R also provides assesment and handling processes and trials before:


  • Federal Tax and Administrative Court
  • District Courts
  • Circuit Collegiate Courts
  • The Supreme Court




R&R asociados provides integral assesment services comprising contract drafting, revisions and negotiations as well as full protection of image rights like: sponsorship and publicity; trademark protection, sports inventions or Industrial models applied in the Sport industry.


R&R Asociados has a continous program for domain names obtention and its protection.

  • Search and obtention of generic domain names of first level (gTLDs), local domains and continous updates of release domains.
  • Protection and recovery of domains trough the arbitration process UDRP of the ICAAN
  • Licensing and transfer of rights related to domain names registrations.


Besides handling all aspects and areas of IP in Mexico, in R&R Asociados we also manage trademark protection in America and Europe due to our associates network in these continents. This way, you will have access to quotations, assesment, consultancy, filings and full IP protection with our professional advice for each step of the process without hidden costs or tricky fees.